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Book For Reddit

This is a moderated subreddit. It is our intent and purpose to foster and encourage in-depth discussion about all things related to books. A subreddit for the participants of the 52 Book Challenge (one book per week for a year) to discuss their progress and discoveries. It is one of those books that I just enjoyed all the way through. The entirety of the book you have to define what is real, and what is not real.

Martin shared the ending of his unfinished A Song of Ice and Fire book series with the TV showrunners and they merely followed his blueprints. Weiss are facing after what happened to Dany last episode. Spoilers for Game of Thrones are coming! Yeah, so while some fans are bemoaning showrunners David Benioff and D. Martin that suggest he might have had something to do with this much-hated ending. That was the scouring of the shire that GRRM intended to end with. The Northmen who we assumed as the good guys are rapists. The Unsullied who we assumed are the liberators kill unarmed people. Daenerys who we assumed would be free of the curse of Targaryen genes is a mad queen. Cleganebowl results in Sandor dying by a fall into fire, his worst fear.

Encouraged We love original content and self-posts! Thoughts, discussion questions, epiphanies and interesting links about authors and their work.

suggested - books

We also encourage discussion about developments in the book world and we have a flair system. Important We don't allow personal recommendation posts. Click here for the extended rules Please report any comment that does not follow the rules and remember that mods have the final say.

I have a friend who is going through depression due to a traumatic event and I want to take them on a weekly book hunt to get their love of books flowing again. It was their one favorite thing in life at one point. It had books from the onward I think if any one can provide a link to that list that would help give us a start of books to hunt. Not sure if it's the one you're thinking of, but the subreddit's suggested reading list is a good place to start when I'm looking for something to read.

It's sorted by genre, and there's a nonfiction list also. One more place to look here , also from the wiki. Thanks these are good links I will send them to my friend so they can get a head start thinking about what they might get.

Not dangerous but not healthy. Thanks again for the links.

I highly recommend 4ch's reading list , it covers pretty much everything. My go-to list: Bokklubben World Library. Most eras, most genres, most continents represented. Nice blend of ancient, old and contemporary classics.

If they might struggle with the motivation to read because of depression then I can recommend librivox. It has free recordings you can download of literature that is out of copyright. Probably not what you saw, but I used the Waterstones books of the century list as a reading list for a while.

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Those are some I consider essential reads for lessons on life. For just an enjoyable read, I'd recommend picking what they haven't read from the Classics genre. You can generally get a good story and a lesson from them. Le Monde has a good list for top books of the century. I believe it is If you like French lit translations.

While it isn't the list you were looking for, the book How to Read a Book which is much more informative than it sounds, trust me contains a reading list that should keep you and your friend busy for a good long time.

From the perspective of the author, there's only a few books where an experienced reader and really exercise all the skills they have, where the book's contents, and how it presents it, are worth really picking apart, for "Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested.

Although do bare in mind, this is a list created by an American white dude in There's nothing wrong with that, just don't expect that many female authors, or authors outside the Western tradition. Did you accidentally put this in the wrong thread? Where you aiming for the three wishes but how would you word it thread? This is about books. It's a quote from a Tree-house of Horror episode of The Simpsons.

The family is given a cursed monkey's paw and have suffered numerous ironic twists to the wishes they took from said paw. There's only one wish left and Homer has to use it wisely to set everything right. So, of course, he wastes it on creating a turkey sandwich.

Despite the precautions he takes, he still thinks the wish is ruined when he considers the turkey to be a little too dry. I thought it sounded familiar.

How to Market Your Self-Published Book with Reddit

I think the person was trying to submit it to the thread that was above this one. Do this long before you start making recommendations that you want prospects to take seriously.

If you make the mistake of landing on a Reddit community and try to promote and make sales in your first post, the community members and admins will smell a rat.

And apart from having to worry about your account being terminated for not following the rules, nobody will think you are sincere and your promotional effort will fail. On the other hand, if you completely forget about yourself initially and simply focus on helping as many people as you can with your knowledge, you will quickly become known as a helpful and respected voice in the community.

That leads to getting attention, which naturally leads to a gradually growing interest in you and your work. Start a question and answer discussion Reddit is all about discussion.

That means that anything you can do to get conversations started is going to benefit you and make you look like the expert you are. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by starting a question an answer discussion in a niche subreddit.

Reddit's Top 200 Books

The right subreddit and topic can quickly move you from completely unknown to a well-respected and followed member of Reddit. Promote discreetly and with finesse Another important tip for promoting your books and brand on Reddit is to always be understated with your efforts.

Internet users are savvier than ever before in history and they can sense a sales pitch coming from a mile away. Nothing is worse than creating valuable content to share and then not having anyone read it because the headline fell flat and did not entice members of your target audience to read and participate. Develop your skills in creating headlines that are so irresistible that they motivate your prospects to take a peek into one of your threads.

Whatever you can do to start or join the conversation and really get involved is vital. Make it a goal to always provide the most valuable and interesting content you possibly can. If you focus on providing the best, most thorough and thoughtful answers and commentary to questions and discussions, you are guaranteed to get a lot of upvotes and become a beacon for advice, information and entertainment on the platform.

Make your content sharable Speaking of valuable content, another important point for content creation on Reddit is to focus on shareability.

You can benefit from this viral effect by making sure that everything you create is done with shareability in mind. Be consistent with your efforts Last, but certainly not least, another success tip for promoting your book on Reddit is to always be consistent with your efforts. However, there is a cumulative effect that grows with time as you build your credibility, create and share valuable content, get more upvotes and become a respected member of the community.

At some point the tide will shift in your favor, so be sure to keep on keeping on.

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